MEPCO Bill Calculator | Calculate your MEPCO Bill Online

MEPCO Bill Calculator | Calculate your MEPCO Bill Online

MEPCO, being the largest power distribution company in Pakistan, provides a lot of facilities for convince of the consumers. One of such facilities is MEPCO Bill Calculator. It allows you to calculate your MEPCO Bill Online. 

What is MEPCO Bill Calculator

MEPCO Bill Calculator is a web app by MEPCO that allows consumers to calculate their monthly mepco bill online. Uses can enter the units consumed & can get a nearly authentic estimate of their next month’s mepco bill.

Are there any charges for using MEPCO Online Bill Calculator

No. Absolutely not. You can calculate your monthly mepco bill online without any charges. It is free service provided by Multan Electric Power Supply Company to its millions of users across the South Punjab.

Here is a step by step guide to use MEPCO Bill Calculator.


  1. Visit the link
  2. Select “MEPCO” from the list of power companies & click “submit”
  3. In “Connection” type, select type of your connection. See your bill to determine what type of connection you’ve.
  4. In “Phase”, select type of connection phase. Check bill to determine.
  5. In “Units”, write the units* that have been consumed for this billing cycle.
  6. In “No. of TV Sets”. select 1. MEPCO charges PTV fee i=even if you’ve none.
  7. In “Ed Exempt” , don’t check.
  8. In “GST Exempt”, don’t check/
  9. For “Meter Rent” , write if any. (Check previous bill)
  10. For “Service Rent”, write if any. (Check previous bill)

Finally click “Submit”. MEPCO Bill Calculator has done its job. You can check your mepco bill calculated for the next month.


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